Kim Marie Sahin

professional photography, family photos, pet portraits, kimeez photography therapy photography, high school senior photos in New Berlin offers you professional services.

Therapy Photography

Soul Searching

Self Reflection

Your Passions, Your Dreams, Your Ambition. Letting go, Moving forward, Hanging on.

Documenting defining moments.

​It's your journey being you.

Spend a fun day out with your children; pick a favorite place. Make it memorable.  Bring something they cherish.  Let's capture the energy, the fun that makes them a child; the precious bond you share and the precious things that make them so special.

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​​Children Portraits

​​High School Seniors

One the most important days in your lifetime is your graduation. Its important to capture who you are and what makes you unique.  My goal is to make it a fun experience, bringing out the real you and your personality.  All sessions include make-over school photo.

Emotive Introspection        

Professional Photography

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